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Moose Jaw & Moose Jaw Business

Moose Jaw is a city in south-central Saskatchewan, Canada. The city is situated on the Trans-Canada Highway, 77 km (48 mi) west of Regina.  Moose Jaw is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Moose Jaw No. 161. In 2011, the population of Moose Jaw was 32,546 and in 2016 it was 32,724.

Visitors to Moose Jaw have a plethora of activities and attractions to experience. The top tourist attractions include the Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village & Museum (located outside of Moose Jaw 8 miles/13km South of Moose Jaw on Hwy #2). Tour the Murals of Moose Jaw – beautiful vibrant murals located throughout the city of Moose Jaw. The colourful murals depict scenes from the city’s history adorn buildings downtown. The Western Development Museum is located near the new Moose Jaw Hospital at the north end of the city. The Tunnels of Moose Jaw offer an entertaining tour of the downtown area. Actors tell the story of the city’s early Chinese immigrants and rumoured Al Capone connection at the underground Tunnels of Moose Jaw. Check out the Temple Gardens Mineral spa – world-class geothermal spa. The Temple Gardens Mineral spa is located on both sides of the Fairford Street East and Casino Moose Jaw is located on the south side of Fairford Street connected to the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa. There are 3 golf courses located in the city. Walk through Crescent Park which is located in the centre of Moose Jaw, easily walkable from downtown Moose Jaw.

Check out Yara Centre to get involved in in-door fitness activities.  If you are looking to attend a concert or event check out Mosaic Place.  Watch or get involved with curling at the Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre. Check out a Moose Jaw Warriors hockey game – at Mosaic Place.

Several Moose Jaw Businesses are situated important transportation hub with direct access to the CP railway and Highway #1 the Trans-Canada Highway. Between Moose Jaw and Regina off of Highway #1 is the industrial corridor. Moose Jaw – Regina Industrial Corridor is home to 24% of the population of Saskatchewan and 20% of the provincial Gross Domestic Product.

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