Monday, February 12, 2018
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Residents of Moose Jaw have a variety of local business to choose from along with a great lifestyle in a city with a small town feel. Shop Local Business!

Royal Spices Indian Cuisine - Moose Jaw

Royal Spices Indian Cuisine

The Royal Spices Indian Cuisine is now open in Moose Jaw. This is a welcomed addition to our many diverse ethnic restaurants in the...

Dufferin Homes – Grandeur Oakwood

Grandeur Housing has been a leader in the manufactured, modular, and RTM home industry for over 40 years. With Grandeur, you are guaranteed a...
Beef Sate Noodle Soup Spicy Saigon 75 Moose Jaw Vietnamese Restaurant Business

Saigon 75

Saigon 75 offers a wide range of dishes such as Vietnamese spring rolls, soups such as Tom Yum Gai which is characterized by its...
Mad Greek Ribs Moose Jaw Business

The Mad Greek

The Mad Greek in Moose Jaw serves a variety of Greek dishes and Specialty Pizzas.  One of the family favorites includes the Family Size...
Sour Cream Saskatoon Berry Coffee Cake

Sour Cream Saskatoon Berry Coffee Cake

The Saskatoon Berry is by far the best berry (IMHO) out there.  The name saskatoon derives from the Cree inanimate noun misâskwatômina. The city...
Little Red Market Cafe Mortlach Jumbalaya Corn bread

Little Red Market Café

A quick 30-minute drive from Moose Jaw to Mortlach you will find a little restaurant called the Little Red Market Café. This restaurant features...
Cactus Jacks Slow Cooker Hamburger Vegetable Dill Soup

Slow Cooker Hamburger Soup

Yield: 20 If you have a garden with a variety of vegetables this is the perfect meal to make. Chances are you will have...
Common Café + Bakery Moose Jaw Breakfast

Common Café + Bakery

The Common Café + Bakery is located on the south end of Main Street.  When you enter the Common Café + Bakery you will notice a...
Rosies Crispy Chicken Sandwich Moose Jaw

Rosie’s on River Street

Rosie's on River Street in Moose Jaw is a small restaurant/bar which has outdoor seating when the weather is nice.  The restaurant may be...