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The Mad Greek Moose Jaw BusinessThe Mad Greek in Moose Jaw serves a variety of Greek dishes and Specialty Pizzas.  One of the family favorites includes the Family Size Ribs with Village Greek Salad, a few sticks of Chicken Souvlaki and Spanokopita.  The family Greek Ribs can also come with fries rather than the salad.  I’ve had the fries before and they are also fantastic.

The Ribs can come with the Mad Greek’s special Greek sauce on the ribs or on the side.  We will typically order the ribs with the sauce on the side.  The family size ribs are 50oz of Mad Greek Moose Jaw Main St Businesscrispy goodness.  The ribs pair well with the salad and Spanokopita.  The Village Greek Salad is all vegetables without any salad.  The salad has tomatoes, green peppers, red onion, cucumbers, several Kalamata olives covered in feta cheese.  We typically order this salad with dressing on the side so the salad stays crisp for days.  Garlic toast also accompanies the family size ribs. Left overs are the best!




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