Spice Hut – East Indian Cuisine

Spice Hut East Indian Restaurant - Moose Jaw

The Spice Hut is a new East Indian cuisine restaurant in Moose Jaw.  The restaurant is located beside the Moose Jaw City Hall – 224 Main Street North.  It’s located in the former Royal Spices Indian Cuisine restaurant.

The interior colour scheme compliments the cuisine colour – a warm feeling in browns, reds and oranges.  It’s ‘tastefully’ decorated with comfortable booths and tables.

The Spice Hut is a “culinary delight”.  On the last page of the menu there is an option to get a meal – which includes an appetizer, meal, dessert and soft drink.  There is lots of food so there were leftovers which were brought home for another meal.  We had the following:


Vegetable Pakora – Savoury pakora with potato, onion, spinach, cauliflower.

Vegetable Samosa – Savoury pastries with potato, green pea filling & blend of spices.

Vegetable Samosa  Vegetable Pakora

Main Dishes:

Great for sharing – we ordered it mild; however, if you like more ‘spice – or heat’ you can request this.

Shrimp Jalfrezi – Shrimp cooked in bell peppers, onions, garlic, ginger & spices.

Butter Chicken – Boneless chicken breast pieces, cooked in tomato sauce, butter, cream & blend of spices.

Shrimp Jalfrezi  Butter Chicken


Traditional Naan bread – is a soft, chewy and flavourful oven-baked flatbread.  It’s perfect for scooping up the butter chicken or shrimp jalfrezi sauces.

Basmati Rice – compliments the main dishes and their fantastic sauces.

Naan Bread Basmati Rice


Kheer – Rice pudding cooked in milk, cardamom and pistachios.  Perfect small dish of creamy delight to finish off a great meal.

Kheer - Rice pudding

We will return.  Awesome option for a lunch or supper in Moose Jaw!

Visit the Spice Hut Website: https://spicehutcanada.com

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