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Royal Spices Indian Cuisine

Royal Spices Indian Cuisine

Royal Spices Indian Cuisine - Moose JawThe Royal Spices Indian Cuisine is now open in Moose Jaw. This is a welcomed addition to our many diverse ethnic restaurants in the city. The restaurant is located south of City Hall – 224 Main Street.

The restaurant interior is very bright and clean – great atmosphere with pleasant servers. The buffet contains many tasty items!

Pakora – deep-fried potatoes, spinach, onion, and eggplant dipped in basin, herbs, and spices. This crispy goodness pairs well with the mint chutney and sweet chutney.

Nann Makhni – oven-baked flatbread baked in tandoor and buttered – simply delicious soft and chewy Nann bread with a few crispy edges from the tandoor oven. Great for dipping in the tangy butter chicken sauce.

Tandoori Chicken pieces and Nana bread are brought to your table by your server. The tandoori chicken is bright red/orange chicken packed with a tangy charred flavor.

Aloo Gobi – the aloo (potatoes) and gobi (cauliflower) and are perfectly cooked with a bit of firmness. The vegetables are coated in a yellow coloured curry sauce.

Royal Spices Indian Cuisine Moose Jaw RestaurantChanna Masala – a healthy mixture of chickpeas, tomatoes, onion, and spices.

Butter chicken – boneless chicken cooked with tomato and cream sauce. The chicken is tender and the flavor is very creamy.

Beef curry – a special dish from India cooked in gravy with peppers, onions, herbs and spices. The beef is fork tender and the gravy goes well with the Nann bread!

Basmati rice – perfectly cooked tender rice.

Salad – cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, red onion and ranch dressing

For dessert there are a couple of options:

Gulab Jaman – dry milk ball dipped in syrup

Rice Pudding – with cashews and raises flavored with cardamom

The East Indian food at Royal Spices Indian Cuisine is not spicy (hot). The individual dishes are packed with flavor and are very satisfying. The buffet is fantastic and I look forward to ordering the individual items off of their menu for future take-out.


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