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Bobby's Place Bar Bub Moose Jaw

Bobby's Place Moose Jaw

Family or friends sharing appetizers as a meal at Bobby’s Place in Moose Jaw is fun!  Kids are allowed into the bar until 8:00 pm.  Sharing several appetizers as a meal offers a variety of choice.  Bobby’s Place offers some very nice beers on tap – take advantage of the daily specials. Here are some of our favorites:

Wings  – 10 large house breaded wings.  These are Salt & Pepper wings with dipping sauce.  These wings are crispy and full of flavour, some of the best wings in Moose Jaw.

Skins – A bouquet of thin cut potatoes with a blend of seasonings.  Topped with melted cheddar & mozza, sprinkled with real bacon and chives.  Served with sour cream.  Skins are not overcooked – providing a bit of crispness and soft potatoes – toppings provide flavour and texture to the skins.  I would have preferred the bacon topping to have a bit more crispiness but overall the skins were very good.

Mussels – steamed in Guinness and served with garlic toast.  The mussels are really good & the broth is ok. I tried the broth without a muscle and it’s not like a soup broth, not great on it’s own.

Greek Salad – peppers, onion, cucumber, tomato, olives and feta tossed in Greek Dressing.  Served with garlic toast.  Very good salad – lots of flavour and the vegetables are fresh and crisp.  Lots of feta which is very creamy.  Kalamata olives have pits which indicates they are good which they are – very tasty!

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